Protecting Britain's Badgers
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Photograph: courtesy Laurie Campbell
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Badger Trust promotes the conservation and welfare of badgers and the protection of their setts and habitats for the public benefit. We are the leading voice for badgers and represent and support local voluntary badger groups. Badger Trust provides expert advice on all badger issues and works closely with Government, the police and other conservation and welfare organisations. Protecting badgers through science, the law -and public support

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Speak out now for badgers, before it's too late
Many of the claims made to justify the misguided and potentially devastating badger culls, which could begin from 1 June, are not only unscientific but also dangerously inaccurate. Click here to see the facts behind the myths.
Widespread Opposition
The cull is wrong: scientifically, ethically and morally. It is opposed by top scientists, wildlife experts, animal welfare organisations and many parliamentarians.

Working within the law - click here to see where Badger Trust stand

Do you have badgers in your garden?

A Badger Trust booklet, Badgers in Your Garden, provides lots of useful information and guidance and is available to buy from our shop or to view as a PDF here.

click to view/download this PDF file (196KB) ‘Badger Army’ Protest Comes to Gloucester
A peaceful, family friendly protest against the government’s unpopular badger cull, which will return to Gloucestershire this summer, will take place in Gloucester on Easter Saturday 19th April.
click to view/download this PDF file (191KB) Badger Trust Requests Right Of Reply From BBC
The following letter has been sent via email and recorded delivery hard copy to the Director General of the BBC today
click to view/download this PDF file (191KB) Badger Cull Roll-Out Postponed – But Culling Returns to Gloucestershire and Somerset
A potential badger cull across 10 further areas in England has been postponed by the government, but culling will continue in Somerset and Gloucestershire, it has been announced today.
click to view/download this PDF file (226KB) Blueprint for beating BT - Wales
A detailed analysis of how farmers in Wales are defeating bovine TB (bTB), without culling badgers, will be revealed tonight at a debate hosted by the Royal Society looking into ways to tackle the disease.
Badger Events
There are a number of events including the Badger Trust AGM 2014, taking place all over the country from anti-cull marches and debates to fundraising stalls. See what is happening near you......
Badger Trust Conference 2014
Our conference for 2014 will be held on 29th-31st August 2014 at the University of Wales, Caerleon, Newport, Gwent and will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Gwent Badger Group.
Badger photographs courtesy of Laurie Campbell   Click here to visit his website
Protecting Britain's Badgers
Tel: 08458 287878
Fax: 02380 233896

Photograph: courtesy Laurie Campbell
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